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Welcome to the main page for our research on music information retrieval and automatic audio indexing.  Below are several sites that give further insight into our research.  The introduction page describes who we are, the problem we are solving, and possible applications of our research.  The action rules page shows a sample of music altered using action rules.  Hornbostel/Sachs shows a description of the Hornbostel/Sachs instrument classification system and a visual representation of the system.  The emotion categorization page shows how we categorized emotions so that they may be mined from music.  The analysis sample is our analysis on a sample of music.  The blind signal separation page shows how the sound of one instrument can be detected and extracted from a polyphonic audio file.  Finally, the PDF document at the bottom is our schema. So enjoy the site, and if you would like to contact any of us with any questions, please see the members page.

Currently, we are running a user study on the effects of music. If you are interested in participating, please click on the following link:


We would also appreciate anyone who can send this link to whoever else would be interested in participating in our study.





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